Wednesday, December 2, 2009


When I first found out that we could team-teach I was excited. Later down the road, I would regret team-teaching. The lack of communication is one of me peeves. Honestly, when I text someone I do it weeks before I do not expect to not have changes in schedules however, a notice before hand would be great. Opposed to have to wait on the person and then say ok it is Saturday wait an hour. After an hour text the person and call to see if, they are ok. Alternatively, something could have happened or simply the fact they forgot. I understand that will happen but when a person does not make an effort to let me no hey I cannot go sorry. It really upsets me because I put things on hold to make sure that I am free beforehand. I realize in life there are sacrifices made and have no problem with a sacrifice here and there. I feel that my partner should do the same. Everyone has problem or bad days but in a group, one cannot let that interfere with work. Especially if the project is, a group one and others are counting on that person. I gave up my weekend of finally going home to talk about this project instead, we did not meet and that is from someone who claims, does not want to look unintelligent when presenting. It is not hard to send a text saying sorry cannot make it. I do not need a detailed explanation of why not because I understand there are unexpected events in life. Just a simple text can change everything. Opposed to waiting last minute to contact me and not realizing because the text was sent late night before the presentation is suppose to take place.
The simple fact we had a complete different approach to the project before sending our halves to one another was great. Then, after we discussed for five minutes both project are excessively similar then from discussion at the beginning. Then having to come up with a different activity was tough along with three different objectives. At the end, we wanted the students to be able to name all the colors in White Rabbit’s Color Book. Having the student spell/write the colors and being able to apply their favorite color to a worksheet. The activities I came up were having them be able to tell the sequence of the colors in the book. Being able to write one sentence and sharing it to the class. Since it is for first grade, I just wanted them to point to the different parts of the books’ title and author. The formal assessment would be all the work done in class. They would have to write and remember the sequence for the mini quiz at the end of the lesson. The homework is the informal assessment was the coloring worksheet I made with splash of colors. The students would have to look at the number and color the color the splash represents.
Yes and no, since we never talked about how the actually presentation would go then things happened but not in the order written. I came up with the positive behavior system. It was composed of two jars with fuzzy balls one represented an extra recess and the other loss of five minutes. As I walked into the class, I announced we were splitting the class in half. This would ensure that there would be a balance authority figure. However, my partner did not really step up. Therefore, there was time I had to step in and place in the fuzzy balls in the misbehaving jar. However, since my group was in front of me I guess no one really saw that. My half of the class during the marble in the box activity did behave well and loved it. They all followed instructions except for one individual but it did not bother me. Before they exited my station, I would write down their favorite part of the book and instruct them to sit and write their sentence and draw a picture. With the exception of me having to step in a few times to try to control the other half of the class I believe it went very well. The behavioral cards were in use but not as excessively as in other presentation and I was very thankful. I learned that once I let it go once they thought they could do it again and again. Therefore, from the very start I should be firm and remain firm. In my station, I wanted them to learn to respect each other’s art and not make fun of it. Even though a situation took, place but did not go too far. If I would have to do all this, again I would not work with a partner. Nevertheless, if I were to work in a partner I would think twice about whom my partner is going to be and if they are going to be able to take the lead with me not wait for me or just have me lead. To make this lesson more effective I would have made extra worksheets to give out if they were to finish the ones already completed. Something I can improve is speaking louder and stay firm throughout the entire lesson. I would also make sure that there is a backup in case the students complete the tasks quickly. We did not use the podcast in that lesson however; I did use it in one of my personal lesson. I wished we had used it. I am not quite sure why we did not use the podcast because I wanted to. Well in my personal lesson, I use it so they become fluent reader in the premade book I would make for the students. My link to my podcast. http://
Honestly, there was one lesson that I really liked however wished would of gone differently. However, the girls were up there and even when one partner was hardly doing any work one took the lead. The only thing was her voice and strictness. The girl speaking was too soft and kind while the other was having a panic attack. I liked how she took lead of the class at the ending letting the class know who was in charge and who was not. If she had kept that action constant, their lesson would have gone a lot better.
I loved all the actives the class came up with for their lessons. Even the boys had a great lesson and had to deal with my behavioral card of trying to talk about my teddy bear during class. As a class, I know we all improved as a whole especially after seeing many different styles of teaching. There was one positive behavior that I really liked and that was the Pie. How the girls enforced good behaviors be giving a slice of a pie giving a fair chance to the entire class of winning a prize. As a whole, I enjoyed this class the most this year. I loved the fact the class was also interactive through the usage of the behavior cards. Those cards gave it a real sense of how an actual class could possibly go.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Class is almost done.

I found a lot of lesson plans that I might have to use because there are a few activities that I liked better then the one that I was coming up with. Although since I like my lesson plan it will also be part of the unit lesson. Oh Sorry, Dr Lungo, I did not post my five questions. Can someone tell me the title of the book? Do you know what the person who writes the book is called? How many basic colors did White Rabbit use before mixing the colors? What was White Rabbit's favorite color at the end of the book? I also started typing up my lesson plan for this class and coming up with more ideas to have as an activities. I am glad that even though I woke up late I made on time to class. Oh I can't wait until we team teach our lesson plan. =0]

Pre-Post 9/29/09

I am not sure what I'm going to do. However, now I remember what I was suppose to do this weekend and didn't. I was suppose to record my podcast again at home. So I'm going to write that down. Enough about what I am did not do now to what I'm going to do. For today, I want to look in to better lesson plans then the one that I already made up. My partner and I are going to team teach our lesson plan. My five questions are already done and ready to go. I wonder did I write them in my other post? I guess I have to look at that at other blog.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Ending a the Day

My computer was slow and it sometimes froze. I took a few minutes until it finally worked. I tried to record my half of the story and for some reason you couldn't hear it. So I gave up and decided to finish it up in my room. I decided that because in my room there would no background noise. Plus, I think it would be a good idea to do it in my room because I can familiarize myself with my computer at home. So now I would know how the school's computer work but I would also know how mine works as well. My partner and I have our five questions already picked althought we probably are going to switch a few around.The room wasn't as hot so I didn't feel the heat. At the end of class, I decided to practice my reading skills with Nae by reading to her. I read, A Guest Is a Guest by John Himmelman.

What is going to take place today...

I think that today will be a smoother ride in class. Honestly, after the second time I got the hang of the podomatic website. It's very easy to use and you can use anywhere. I loved these couple of days of class for the reason that it was just lectures. Instead it was a mixture of letures and hands on. Not that many classes are like this where you can do the activity that is being taught. I'm a student that learns better with hands on activities and something like this is always going to stick with me.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


I think it was a easier this time because we didn't really have to wait to do anywork. We just dove in and got to the point. I messed up just like always. The breaking up of the book in 2 was better well in my opinon then changing from partner to partner. Just like the book we broke it in half there are two one for the beginning and one for the end. I enjoyed working in todays class. I think we should do one more recording before the final is posted.

Pre-Recording Blog

I think this would be fun...I already know I'm going to be the first one to probably mess up. I think bringing this type of technology into the classroom is the best. We are all trying something new at least I am. Now I can use pod casting whenever I want to for either my own classroom or even lesson plans in my class. I don't like the fact I have to record my voice because I don't really like my voice..I sound like a 10 year Ok I am so done. Oh yea the plans is to Kat will read the first 15 pages and read the rest. Yep. I want to go to sleep.